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My story

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I am a fashion and textiles designer who moved to the U.K. from India with high aspirations, dreams and passion to bring a revolutionary change in the fashion industry.  My practice is an accumulative, oblique biography, a portrait of my Indian heritage, familial ties and the virtues that have been instilled in me.  My interest in Indian sustainable fashion practices came from my mother who taught me the true meaning of sustainability.


My bachelor’s degree in Leather Goods and Accessories Design, developed my passion for working with a variety of materials, techniques and textures. Applying hard work, discipline and an eagerness to learn, I became the youngest design manager for United Colours of Benetton's sub brand – Undercolors. After 5 years at Benetton, I accepted the opportunity to work in the UK as Womenwear Designer where I learnt in-depth about the UK’s market, its customers and their requirements. 

Having worked in the fashion industry for over 8 years, I began to challenge fast fashion and  artisanal work which is diminishing  due to commercialisation. I set up  Eesh – a Himalayan-product nonprofit brand – with the purpose of empowering women artisans by promoting their traditional skills in a socially responsible way. 


I then decided to accept an opportunity to study at the Royal College of Art where I created a collection of clothes for space (Mars) that will work in a weightless environment for future space travellers . I identify myself as a maker and I use intricate hand embroideries, patchwork, natural tie & dyeing methods, which are beautifully stitched together with precision over a period of many days to create my work. 

Artist residency - Along with Eesh, I am currently working on a Martian house project in Bristol, as a Spacewear Fashion & textiles designer. 

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