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Textile of Virtues

The story

Textile of Virtues, is a hand-made textile that is a culmination of various ornamental stitching techniques that were passed down to me as my “transgenerational inheritance” through my maternal lineage. The textile represents a poetic interlacing of fifteen techniques, each representing a value imbibed in me by my mother that culminate in a singular 75x90 cm piece of fabric. 

Final cover.jpg
Final cover.jpg


I stitched the textile over a period of sixty-four hours while thinking of the distance that separated my mother and I during the pandemic. Although the  notions and representation  of dreams within each patchwork, tye-die, braiding, knotting and Karma,  are disconnected I chose to work on these narrative patches as an ode to my mother’s virtues. 


I communicate the values that have been imbibed in me as I transitioned from childhood to womanhood. There is no end to this piece of work, it can later grow into a large piece of textile, or a piece of fine art as the virtues that mummy instilled in me are infinite.

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